Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Red Fainting

Cold rain upon my face yet still as the night I stand
The tears of darkness flow from my brow burning my eyes with salty crimson
Gritting teeth and clenched fists
My eyes glare with focused rage through rain weakened blood
The warm life trickles from my chin
No pain or love could divert from me the hatred
 I swiftly move through the deafening noise of rain
Muscles tensed to the edge of failure
Lash out now upon my detested nemesis as a whip strikes
Again locked in the sweet dance of violent damage
The snapping of bone and flesh torn away revealing souls
Roaring crowd of rats fill this Colosseum of shit
Eager for the fall of the lesser gladiator
A moments slip and the despised adversary is with fear
More strength comes from my gut than I could fathom
Up from the battle field and then down hard upon the flooded cold stone way
Then in the utter horror silence falls as a heavy curtain on a murky soaked stage
Suddenly alone I weep.

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