Tuesday, August 28, 2012


To love is to feel as a churning river rapid flows.
Emotions thrown in directions unknown
Joy and pain sweet attachment then thrown
From side to side like a boxer's skull jolts

Monday, August 20, 2012

Nothingness Hold

In the flesh I am bound to simple existence, an actor on a lonely stage.
Cast of oblivion take up the role of life which is mortal.
Struggling with reality a fight to exist, ends with the madness.
Love is the splinter which pricks the hand of doom, life's one ally.
Nothing is known by the eyes of the damned.
My defeat looms closer as each moment passes, it is inevitable.
All things will be lost to the nothingness void, as memory fades..
Such a brief flash before my eyes, lament in its frailty.
What is the purpose for which we bleed , dying from life?
Why should the struggle be?
The war of insanity lost before beginning why continue the battle.
My hands tremble in the madness I behold as I see truth.
This thing called life is nothing more than a flash of awareness.
\A flicker of light through a crack in the wall of death.
Nothingness hold.

Friday, April 27, 2012


Fly my mind through cold lonely space
To the edge of time soar
On the wings of love glide my long lost memory fade
Somewhere within the stars my soul streaks
Like a raptor searching for elusive prey
Cosmic wonders will hold my forever face
Within the black comforting void
To the universe I give my fate
Forever a part of this mysterious place

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Red Fainting

Cold rain upon my face yet still as the night I stand
The tears of darkness flow from my brow burning my eyes with salty crimson
Gritting teeth and clenched fists
My eyes glare with focused rage through rain weakened blood
The warm life trickles from my chin
No pain or love could divert from me the hatred
 I swiftly move through the deafening noise of rain
Muscles tensed to the edge of failure
Lash out now upon my detested nemesis as a whip strikes
Again locked in the sweet dance of violent damage
The snapping of bone and flesh torn away revealing souls
Roaring crowd of rats fill this Colosseum of shit
Eager for the fall of the lesser gladiator
A moments slip and the despised adversary is with fear
More strength comes from my gut than I could fathom
Up from the battle field and then down hard upon the flooded cold stone way
Then in the utter horror silence falls as a heavy curtain on a murky soaked stage
Suddenly alone I weep.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Breaking Away

As I struggle through this only life,

Stumbling and falling on bloody knees.

Is my mind broken?

Nights are dark loneliness is cold,

Yet I fear the light my soul exposed,

Secret pain unspoken.

Upon my face this mask I wear,

To armor my glass house from stone.

Tearful eyes swollen.

To see my love in sorrow weep,

My heart cries out but mouth is closed.

Powerless I am frozen.

As distance grows between my cries.

My will exhausted now gone,

A snap and gasp,my sweet goodbye,

Rage has now awoken.

Soul is black

Heart of stone

With hate I boil

Twisted eyes with clenched teeth I smile.

I slip into the dark wicked laughter echo.

Monday, April 9, 2012


Close my eyes and dream a dream,
Smiles and joy will happiness bring,
My love
My life
My soul
My wife
To you I owe everything.
The sun
The moon
All things in between.
The fire that burns within the night
My beautiful guiding light
Beautiful smile
Enchanting eyes
Her Love will guide me home
My lover
Caring mother
My baby


The things unseen

The lies between

Masks the face

The lines erased

Cant hide the scars of my disgrace

Hide my face

Escape this place

Intolerable hate

Unthinkable fate

Awareness now of this inevitable day

For help I pray

Last breath day

Nothing now

Fade away