Monday, August 20, 2012

Nothingness Hold

In the flesh I am bound to simple existence, an actor on a lonely stage.
Cast of oblivion take up the role of life which is mortal.
Struggling with reality a fight to exist, ends with the madness.
Love is the splinter which pricks the hand of doom, life's one ally.
Nothing is known by the eyes of the damned.
My defeat looms closer as each moment passes, it is inevitable.
All things will be lost to the nothingness void, as memory fades..
Such a brief flash before my eyes, lament in its frailty.
What is the purpose for which we bleed , dying from life?
Why should the struggle be?
The war of insanity lost before beginning why continue the battle.
My hands tremble in the madness I behold as I see truth.
This thing called life is nothing more than a flash of awareness.
\A flicker of light through a crack in the wall of death.
Nothingness hold.

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